Overcoming defendable decisions

What are defendable decisions and how can you prove to new prospects that they can trust you with their business?

Trust yourself, you’re an expert

Ask your clients. They trust you.

As a business professional you know more about your field than they do. And that’s why they come back for more.

But what about potential clients? Can they trust you?

Defendable decisions

It’s a ‘catch-22’ problem. Something new businesses will always struggle with. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if there’s no track record with a new prospect they won’t trust you. And if they don’t trust you they won’t lay their reputation on the line. This is a phenomenon particularly apparent when dealing with middle management. They need to defend their decision by choosing a supplier famous for what they do. If anything goes wrong they can’t take the blame because they chose the best supplier for the job.

For years, experts in their field have battled with this dilemma. You need to confirm your expertise to secure the trust of new customers but to make the claim “I am an expert” is just not done.

Until now, the only way to claim your expertise with authority was through recommendation and testimonials – still a valid method but, by its nature, beyond your control.

There is another way

By publishing informative articles that address key relevant subjects in an informative and authoritative manner, you present yourself as an expert automatically and subliminally. The association is created in the mind of the reader because the information that you deliver demonstrates your expertise.

Today’s opt-in society has made your choice of media wider and more complex. But it also opens up opportunities. Social media and video channels can put you and your message in front of new and existing customers like never before. building trust and adding value to your services.

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